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Coping with Gossip Girl withdrawal

Jan 23, 2013 - 6:11PM by Gossip Girl Online

The last episode of season six aired a while ago now, and with the knowledge there will not be any more episodes of our favourite television show, thousands of us have gone into a state of withdrawal. As difficult as it is to grieve the passing of a television show, especially when you've been invested in it from the pilot episode, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Getting over Gossip Girl is a case of going through certain steps which will help ease you into a life of reminiscing the golden days. Some people try and go cold turkey too soon and watch other shows, play on FoxyBingo and go out to try and avoid thinking about it. Sometimes acknowledging the problem is the best defence against withdrawal.

Read the books

There are a lot of differences between the books and the series. In a lot of ways the portrayal of the characters on the show are very different to how they were originally written. Still, sometimes to get over something you need to find another format to enjoy the same topic. Many will turn to fan fiction, but the original source material is just as handy, and allows you to hang out with your favourites for a little longer.

Have a weekly marathon

Invite Gossip Girl lovers over for a box set marathon weekend. Starting from the beginning. One weekend can consist of watching season one, followed by season two the next weekend, and so on. In a way, watching the series from start to finish, will allow you to gain some closure. Make sure you supply everyone with enough snacks to go around.

Theorize your own ending

A lot of fans were disappointed with the finale, because of unresolved issues and thing which didn't end the right way. Try making up your own ending in your head. Write it down in a notebook or turn it into fan fiction, which can be shared with fellow fans who might like your vision of the end as well.